April webinar graphic

In March we held our first ever webinar. How to create a more focused meeting was well received.  We had excellent audience participation. If you missed it, you can still watch the recording and get in on our tips and tricks for focused meetings.

After our first effort went so well, we decided to do two more webinars in April. This month we are taking on two more productivity topics. Our webinar structure is to dive into a particular subject, then give you several options on how you can accomplish the items we are discussing on the webinar.  We know everyone works differently, so we focus on giving several ideas for solutions so you can determine what would work best for you and how you work.

On April 9th, we welcome Mike Arney from Halftone Digital as we discuss strategies for designing remote brainstorming sessions.  We’ll share our favorite tips and products to make remote brainstorming easier. We look forward to hearing your best ideas and favorite tools as well.  Join us for fresh inspiration. 

Later this month, we welcome Kelvin Johnson back.  This time we’ll be talking about Working from Home survival strategies. We’ll dive into time blocking and cover many aspects of the topic so that you can decide if this is a productivity strategy that might work for you.  If you are already a time blocking expert, we’d love for you to participate and share your favorite tips too.  We promise to have a lively spirited discussion!


We already planning new topics as well for May to continuing bringing new and fresh ideas to add more fuel to your creative tank.  We’d love to have you join us.


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