Bella meets Office 365!

New year, and new functionality!  When we initially launched Bella Scena, we had a built in integration to Google calendar.  As I embarked on a series of speaking engagements late summer and early fall, the topic of Office 365 integration came up many times. It was time that Bella meets Office 365.

I knew there was serious interest from Office 365 customers, because the questions were usually phrased like “When will you have Office 365 Integration”. I also had people asking along the way if we were still on track to deliver our Office 365 integration. 

I am pleased to report that we have completed our Office 365 integration, and it is ready to go! 

Okay, so how will this help me?

Bella helps you move from chaos to clarity through a number of innovations in how you look at your time.  And best of all, we can have you up and running in under 5 minutes! What does the journey look like to get up and running on Bella?

It begins a super simple question during set up to use your Office 365 calendar.

Office 365 integration screen

Once you’ve completed your sign up and payment, it’s time to start getting things off your mind. Many of our customers love using our deep breath feature to dump items out of their mind so they can organize and plan their week. It begins by taking a deep breath, and typing and typing and typing until you have all those stray thoughts out of your mind.  

Planning your day with Bella

Now that you have those items out of your head, it’s time to start estimating them so they can get planned out. The to-do’s on your list can be estimated so that you get a better visual picture for how long they will take.  This gives you an opportunity to see how you will need to organize your time to make sure your most important priorities are getting done.

Estimating to do's

With a visual representation of your time, it is now easier to plan when you want to get your to-do’s done.  Drag and drop them on your calendar to plan out your day. Your items will be automatically added to your calendar in Office 365.

Now you can take proactive control of planning your calendar, while still working within your existing processes.

Go From Deliberate to Done

Is this your year to take proactive control of your calendar?

How do you get started?

  1. Sign up for Bella here.
  2. Integrate your Office 365 calendar during the set-up process.
  3. Schedule your first meeting or use our deep breath feature to dump your to-do’s out of your head and plan your time.

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