Bella Meets Office 365

Bella meets Office 365!

Login New year, and new functionality!  When we initially launched Bella Scena, we had a built in integration to Google calendar.  As I embarked on a series of speaking engagements late summer and early fall, the topic of Office 365 integration came up many times. It was time that Bella meets Office 365. I knew there was serious interest from Office 365 customers, because the questions were usually phrased like “When will you have Office […]

Productive U- Time to eliminate automation shame

Time to Eliminate Automation Shame

Who’s ready to eliminate automation shame? Do you have your ENTIRE life automated?  Wait, you don’t?  Yeah, neither do we.  In many conversations I’ve been having with customers, I noticed something odd happened several times.  When I would ask what kind of a to do list the person keeps, the individual would hand their head in shame.  Then they would quietly tell me, “It’s on paper”.  It took me a long time to realize many […]

November Bella Scena Release Notes

Login November Release Notes And other fun Stuff happening in Bella Read more on the Latest Developments in Bella Key Focus Areas for November We have been incredibly fortunate to received candid feedback from our early customers. Using human centered design processes is a different experience for us and our customers, and we are encouraged by how receptive our customers are to ongoing dialog. If you know someone that would benefit from using Bella, we […]

Productive U- How meeting attendees secretly benefit from agendas

How meeting attendees secretly benefit from an agenda

How meeting attendees secretly benefit from an agenda Do you create agenda’s for your meetings?  If not, consider that meeting attendees secretly benefit from agendas.  From our research, meeting attendees experience a lot of anxiety around meetings.  When they don’t know their role, or why they are there, it is a source of angst.  Many will wonder if there is something they should have prepared, or wonder if they are ready for the meeting. The […]

What actually happened last week?

What really happened last week?

Login What really happened last week? If I were to ask you what you did last week, what would you say? Do you have so much going on that you don’t always even know what day of the week it is? As your new week begins, do you ever find yourself asking “What really happened last week?” Building a business is often an all consuming undertaking. Growing existing businesses is the same. It can be […]