April webinars- from brainstorming to time blocking

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Login In March we held our first ever webinar. How to create a more focused meeting was well received.  We had excellent audience participation. If you missed it, you can still watch the recording and get in on our tips and tricks for focused meetings. After our first effort went so well, we decided to do two more webinars in April. This month we are taking on two more productivity topics. Our webinar structure is […]

The truth about surviving working from home

Login How’s that working from home going for ya? We are now settling into week two or three of working from home for many people. Initially many people were giddy thinking, “Yay, no more commute”. Seeing lots of pictures of the sheer volume of people on zoom calls has become the norm. I first tried working from home back in 2008-2009. It was an utter failure. I couldn’t do it. It drove me crazy. The […]

How to create a more focused meeting

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Login We are all coping with unprecedented times.  Some of us are on mandatory lock downs, others are choosing to self-isolate. And yet many of us still need to be effective at our work and keep moving forward. So we’re working from home. We’re trying to make progress even though our anxiety is high and we are easily distracted.   We’d like to help.  We’ve spent over 2 years studying challenges with meetings and productivity. Many […]

February Bella Scena

Login February Release Notes And other fun Stuff happening in Bella Read more on the Latest Developments in Bella Key Focus Areas It’s been a few months since we have shared our release notes.  We’ve been working on a number of features to make Bella more integrated and easier to use. Our key focus areas the last few months included: Office 365 integration Calendar improvements New and improved Knowledge Base Bug Fixes Bella meets Office […]

Bella Meets Office 365

Bella meets Office 365!

Login New year, and new functionality!  When we initially launched Bella Scena, we had a built in integration to Google calendar.  As I embarked on a series of speaking engagements late summer and early fall, the topic of Office 365 integration came up many times. It was time that Bella meets Office 365. I knew there was serious interest from Office 365 customers, because the questions were usually phrased like “When will you have Office […]