May Bella Scena Release Notes


Login May Release Notes And other fun Stuff happening in Bella Read more on the Latest Developments in Bella Image courtesy of Halftone Digital Key Focus Areas Happy Spring! We have been hard at work on Bella making improvements. We’ve been working on a number of features to make Bella more integrated and easier to use. Check our our May Bella Scena Release Notes. Our key focus areas this last month includes: Meeting improvements Bug […]

Putting total cost of meetings in the spotlight

Putting total cost of meetings in spotlight

Login Meeting, meetings, and more meetings. Have you ever considered the total cost of those meetings? Many of us used to spend our days in a flurry of meetings, running from one to the next.  Some days we were lucky to get a bathroom break.  Lunch- on the run usually. But now that world has shifted to online. As we locked down, we went headfirst into “digital transformation”. We hop from one provider to the […]

How to design a remote brainstorming session

Login It sounds ever so fancy, right?  Remote brainstorming. Some of us are embracing this work from home dynamic, while still others feel stuck.  Stuck in a different weird pattern.  Like when you put your shoes on the wrong feet. They don’t quite feel proper, do they? Many of us are used to having our brainstorming sessions in person.  We prepare the whiteboard, have the post it notes and markers handy, and all gather around […]

Is Time blocking the answer to greater productivity?

Time blocking webinar

Login Many of us have a time management philosophy we swear by. How do you manage to stay focused during a time when everyone is now working from home? Is time blocking the answer to productivity during this time?¬†Whenever we have a disruption or large change in our lives, it takes time for us to process. We go through the stages of grief. At first we are in shock and denial. Change is foisted upon […]

April webinars- from brainstorming to time blocking

April webinar graphic

Login In March we held our first ever webinar. How to create a more focused meeting was well received.  We had excellent audience participation. If you missed it, you can still watch the recording and get in on our tips and tricks for focused meetings. After our first effort went so well, we decided to do two more webinars in April. This month we are taking on two more productivity topics. Our webinar structure is […]