What actually happened last week?

What really happened last week?

Login What really happened last week? If I were to ask you what you did last week, what would you say? Do you have so much going on that you don’t always even know what day of the week it is? As your new week begins, do you ever find yourself asking “What really happened last week?” Building a business is often an all consuming undertaking. Growing existing businesses is the same. It can be […]

Productive U- Do you want a “Quick Meeting”?

Do you want a quick meeting

Do you want a “Quick Meeting”? Are you a manager?  Do you ever set up a quick meeting with your employees?  If you do, is a meeting agenda included for that meeting?  Do you want to have “quick meetings” with your boss? In our research to build Bella Scena, we asked many people about their biggest pain points with meetings.  One topic that came up over and over again is how individuals feels about “quick […]

Customer Spotlight: Rags to Riches Consulting

Customer Spotlight on Rags to Riches Consulting

Login Customer Spotlight: Rags to Riches Consulting For Bella, our success stems from your success. Our goal is to meet you at wherever you are at on a given day.  Some days you are organized and planning out every hour, other days it is hanging on by your fingernails to get through the day.  Bella is your trusted friend helping you stay organized for whichever version of you shows up on a given day! We […]

Productive U- Make maximum use of your time

Are you being productive at the right time

Login How are your meetings looking today? In our go go days, it can be easy to have activities spread out all throughout the day.  Maximize every hour, right? Do you have any meetings after 3 today? If so, I encourage you to cancel or move them.  Why? the answer is simple. Productivity plummets after 3 pm! It’s the same reason you want that extra coffee hit or are reaching for the snacks.  Our energy […]

An Ode To The Majesty Of The Pencil

An ode to the majesty of the pencil

Login The joy of your pencil Such sweet satisfaction. Aaaaahhhh, it feels so GOOD! I played with a lot of titles for this post. First I wanted a riff of Oh captain, my captain. But Oh Pencil, My Pencil seemed a bit obscure. I thought about magical pencils, but that is more like a wand. I finally settled on the majesty of the pencil, and sat down to write my ode to the majesty of […]