Customer Spotlight on Rags to Riches Consulting

Customer Spotlight: Rags to Riches Consulting

For Bella, our success stems from your success. Our goal is to meet you at wherever you are at on a given day.  Some days you are organized and planning out every hour, other days it is hanging on by your fingernails to get through the day.  Bella is your trusted friend helping you stay organized for whichever version of you shows up on a given day!

We love to shine a light on the incredible work our customers are doing. In today’s spotlight, we profile Olga Kirshenbaum, owner of Rags to Riches Consulting.

Do you ever struggle managing your finances?  Olga is the “money whisperer”. She offers a calm and non judgmental perspective to help you get unstuck with challenges related to your finances. She leads the Shmoney Academy and is also author of the popular “Shmoney Guide:Making Money Choices Doesn’t Need To Be So Scary.

Here’s what she had to say about her experiences using Bella Scena.

Choosing new software or a tool as an entrepreneur can be a drag, the constant secret caveats you find out only when you sign up and the obsessive follow-ups from each company’s CTO or CEO. Bella Scena is different from the start. Yes, Bella is there to help you stay organized, but her focus is on you and your tasks. 
I’ve always been and pen and paper to-do list type of gal. The satisfaction of crossing off a complete item from your list, there’s nothing like it! Well, Bella even has that down. When you complete an item, there is an animation of a pencil crossing off the line item! 
After a very short period of time of using Bella, there was a surprise benefit. We live in a world that truly never stops. An empty mailbox is rarer than ever before, let alone a complete to-do list! I’m now okay with the idea that the to-do list never ends because Bella has reassured me that I’ve got this. The “brain dump” feature allows me to save all the things I’m stressed about and then later go through it and prioritize on what’s actually important. 
If you’re considering using Bella, give her a try for a month. 100% worth it! 
PS: Bella helped me prioritize writing this review 🤗

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