How do you create a breezy day ahead?

Do the worst first?

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating?  It’s innately human, right? There are so many reasons we might procrastinate- fear of the unknown, tasks we don’t like doing, or things that are just not part of the fun in growing our business.  What’s your reason?  

So what should you do when the dreaded procrastination hits you? First, recognize we all go through this often. This is not you failing, this is a normal part of everyone’s experiences. Now that you realize this is completely normal, it’s time do the worst first. “Eat the Frog” is another metaphor for doing that thing that feels the most painful.  

I want to challenge you to rethinking putting off that item where you are procrastinating. Instead, do it at the beginning of your day, before anything else. Once it is off your mind, you might be surprised how much easier it is to focus.  The rest of your day will feel like a breeze and you can move on to things you enjoy working on more.  Give it a try- let’s see how many frogs you can eat! 

Go From Deliberate to Done

Ready to get proactive so you can focus on the work that grows your business?

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