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We are all coping with unprecedented times.  Some of us are on mandatory lock downs, others are choosing to self-isolate. And yet many of us still need to be effective at our work and keep moving forward. So we’re working from home. We’re trying to make progress even though our anxiety is high and we are easily distracted.  

We’d like to help.  We’ve spent over 2 years studying challenges with meetings and productivity. Many of these challenges are magnified now. Join Amber Christian and Kelvin Johnson on March 25th as we share how to create more focused meetings.  These are proactive steps you can take for more effective meetings.

Want to learn more?  Check out this link for more details, or register below. 

We created Bella Scena to be your helpful friend, and make your meetings run more smoothly. We’re here and we want to help.  We hope you’ll join us March 25th. 

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