It sounds ever so fancy, right?  Remote brainstorming. Some of us are embracing this work from home dynamic, while still others feel stuck.  Stuck in a different weird pattern.  Like when you put your shoes on the wrong feet. They don’t quite feel proper, do they?

Many of us are used to having our brainstorming sessions in person.  We prepare the whiteboard, have the post it notes and markers handy, and all gather around the table to craft a new masterpiece. Now we find ourselves on the phone or over video conference.  Yet we still need to brainstorm. We still need to problem solve. Doesn’t it feel different now with us all scattered about? 

At it’s heart, brainstorming sessions are as much about preparation as they are about execution. Mike Arney from Halftone Digital and I will be talking about how we approach brainstorming meetings to set them up and run them effectively in our next webinar. We’ll share lessons learned from techniques we utilize as well as approaches you can use.

If you haven’t attended one of our webinars, we aim to make our topics approachable. Our structure is to dive into a particular subject, then give you several options on how you can accomplish the items we are discussing on the webinar. We know everyone works differently, so we focus on giving several ideas for solutions so you can determine what would work best for you and how you work. We love it when you add your own ideas too.  It makes every session unique.


This is not one of those webinars where you sit back with popcorn or your favorite snack and watch some boring talking heads pontificate.  It’s all real people with real ideas on things that work for them, and might work for you too.  We hope you join us.

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