Time blocking webinar
Many of us have a time management philosophy we swear by. How do you manage to stay focused during a time when everyone is now working from home? Is time blocking the answer to productivity during this time?
Whenever we have a disruption or large change in our lives, it takes time for us to process. We go through the stages of grief. At first we are in shock and denial. Change is foisted upon us and we are not sure we like it. We pretend at first it is great. Then denial hits. It might have you saying to yourself “this will go back to normal in a few weeks so I don’t need to make any changes”.
And now it’s week 3 or 4. Many of us are trying not to climb the walls because we know we are in for several more weeks of this working from home groove. Along the way we hit depression too. It begins to sink in that significant change is here. It takes us time to process, and each one of us processes at our own speed. 
As we begin to process it, we can begin to accept it. Once we have reached acceptance, our curiosity may re-emerge. This new world is different and more interesting. How can we do things more effectively? This is a fragile time as we may go back and forth between the phases of the grief process. The news cycle adds to our fragility as it can positively or negatively affect those emotions too.
One of the many challenges in working from home is having all your days start blending together. In a short stretch of time, you can find that you no longer even know what day of the week it is. The more your days start to blend together, the easier it is to lose your sense of time, and your motivation.
How do we know so much of this process? Because we’ve lived it by working remotely for over 5 years. We’ve seen multiple economic cycle disruptions. We’ve felt the pains of change ourselves. We know we are all in this boat together.

Where do we go from here?

Along this journey, it makes sense to re-visit how you plan and get work done. The work paradigm has shifted. At first, we attempted to do the same work in the same way. Our meetings theoretically went online to whichever platform we are using. We tried not to scream about the people on mute, noise in the background, etc. Within a few weeks we realize our old processes need transformation. And now we are curious. Just how might we do this differently?
If you are now in a place where you are getting curious, we have an idea for you. Time blocking. Yep, it’s an old idea. You may think “I don’t need that” or “I don’t see how that could help”. We would like to raise the idea that this skill might be just what you need for this new remote world.  Segmenting your time.  Planning it on the calendar. Creating small spaces of focus to counteract an uncertain time in our lives.
What is time blocking? Why do some people swear by it? What are some sane steps you could take to test it out in your world? We will be exploring all this and more in our Working from home survival tips webinar on Time blocking 101. This session will be a great intro if you have never done time blocking so you can consider if you want to try. We want to help you figure out if time blocking is the answer to greater productivity for you. If you are already a time blocking fan, please join us and share your favorite tips and tricks.
Not quite ready to learn something new? If you Sign up anyway, you’ll get a recording of it and it is there when you are ready. We want this session to be valuable and give you new ideas. So we’ve set it up so you can even register for it after we’ve recorded it.

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