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Creating a Meeting

Want meetings that are organized, productive, and useful?  Bella’s got you covered. Let’s get started.

Main Meetings screen

To create a meeting, simply click on the Add New Meeting button, in the upper left next to the Instant Meeting button.

Meeting Set up Screen

And there’s more! (Scroll down to see it)

Meeting set up screen

Not all meetings need a structured agenda. If all you are needing to do is to block out time on your calendar for the meeting, you can set the goal (because meetings need goals), and the date and the time.

Setting a Meeting Goal

Meeting Goals

The title of the meeting is simply the overall topic for the meeting. Click the pencil icon to edit the name of the meeting.

The meeting goal is important as it provides specific context for what will be accomplished during the meeting.
If you forget to set a goal for your meeting, don’t worry, Bella will remind you. 

And if you are double-booked? She’ll let you know that too:

Adding Meeting Participants

Meetings require people, not just a person.  So to invite people, in the participant box, type in the email of the people you want to meet with and save the meeting. 

Example participant box – I’ve erased names and other identifying information
 in Bella, you’ll see your name as the moderator and the email addresses of your invitees.

Attaching Documents

If you would like to attach documents for the meeting participants to see, simply click the Attach a file button.

Now that your basic meeting is set up, it’s as simple as saving the meeting to send out the invitations.

Meeting Save button

The meeting is now on your calendar and you can return to update it later if you wish.

Meeting invitations

Because meetings in Bella put more emphasis on upfront communication and buy in from participants, we don’t just put it on participants calendar. This is different than traditional calendar behavior. First, we send them an email so they can view the meeting details to determine if they should be in the meeting. Once they accept, then it goes on their calendar. It’s an extra step that helps you as the meeting organizer know they are planning to be prepared for your meeting. Here is an example of what that invitation looks like:

And there you have it! You have set up your first meeting- cheers to you on getting your meeting process started, and taking the first steps toward better meetings!