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Creating To-do’s

What are all the ways I can create to do’s?

We want to make it magically simple for you to get things out of your head and on to your to do list. This lets you more easily prioritize and focus on your work.

We have three ways to create to do’s within Bella

Add to Do within To Do List

Click the Add to do button within the to do list.

The only required field is the Title.  Complete the Title field as well as another others you wish to add, and click Add to Do to enter it on your list.

Add to do via Keyboard shortcut

Click the “t” key on your keyboard within the main Bella Scena page.  This will bring up the same list as shown above.

Deep breath feature

The deep breath feature allows you to create multiple to-do’s at one time.  Click on the deep breath image to begin.

Now, type the first to-do that you wish to add.  Next, click the tab key to create a new line.  Next, enter another to do.  Continue typing and tabbing to get those items out of your head!  Once complete, click the “Create Your To-Do” button.

And there you have it!  Three simple ways to get those to-do’s out of your head so you can focus on moving the most important items from deliberate to done.