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Deep Breath Feature

Our deep breath feature is intended to help you clear your mind and quickly enter to do’s for your to do list follow these easy steps:

1. To use the deep breath feature, first click the Bella image in the lower left hand corner:

2. Next comes up the deep breath entry screen. Now’s it time to take a deep breath and calm your mind.

3. Start entering your to do list. Type the first to do then select the tab key on the keyboard. This will add a new line so you can add more to-do’s.

4. Once you have finished entering to do’s click the Create Your To-Do button.

Everything you entered is now safely added to your to-do list. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the screen.

Example showing To-Do’s from deep breath feature on to do list

And there you have it- easy entry for multiple to-do’s!