May Release Notes

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Key Focus Areas

Happy Spring! We have been hard at work on Bella making improvements. We’ve been working on a number of features to make Bella more integrated and easier to use. Check our our May Bella Scena Release Notes.

Our key focus areas this last month includes:

  • Meeting improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • Faster deployments

Meeting Enhancements/Improvements

We spent the bulk of our efforts this month making improvements to our instant meetings and core meeting functionality to make it a better experience for you.

The visual timeline has been enhanced to show additional information.  You can now see the name of the person responsible for the agenda item right on the timeline. 

The visual timeline text description display has been enhanced.  Instead of the size of the timeline growing with a long text item, it is now shortened for easier display.  A simple mouse over will let you see the full description. 

During live meeting tracking, if you check the boxes on agenda items, this now saves. When you come back to display it, you can see where you stopped in your meeting. 

We have re-sized the meeting planning screen.  You can now see everything on one screen. 

We have added a loading bar so you can see while your attachment is being loaded into the meeting.  No more wondering if it is working!


Bug Fixes


We took a wrench and our best fix-it tools to correct some bugs you found in Bella.

We rolled out the following corrections:

  • We had a problem section in our visual timeline during live meetings.  If you clicked the open time section, it crashed your session.  Ouch!  This has been corrected.
  •  We had a glitch in our meeting timeline when an item was changed.  Changes were not saving properly.  Now you can make all the updates to your timeline without these frustrating glitches. 

Faster deployments

Recently heard a quote with a beautiful analogy from someone in India.  It reminded me of the journey to build software to help you solve your meetings challenges.  “We started off with a broken bicycle, and we’ve moved up to a wobbly motorbike. If we keep working at it, we might be able to bang together a rickshaw!”  I dare you to NOT smile or giggle while reading that line.

This last month we have invested considerably in our internal processes, so that we can deliver new features to you faster and easier before. Any time you make an infrastructure investment, it’s truly not very sexy. And when done well as a customer you can’t even see that did anything.  

The outcome is fixing problems and delivering new features faster for you. We’re excited to say we are going to be able to do deployments more than once a month going forward.  We can’t wait to show you more of what’s coming. 

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