Why I need a to do list

I don't really need a to do list

It’s easy to convince ourselves we can remember it all.  We can go from chaos to clarity all on our own and can keep it in our mind. After all, we are supposed to have the jobs, families, careers, and it is all perfect, right?

But what happens when you find yourself overflowing with a busy schedule?  How do we balance it all? Often, we end up not sure where to start and end up forgetting what all you need to accomplish.

Getting your list down is your commitment to spinning all your plates.  It’s about not having to remember it all.  Listen in as we share why you need a to do list.

Go From Deliberate to Done

Ready to get proactive so you can focus on the work that grows your business?

We know how important planning is- it’s why we built Bella. We also know new software alone isn’t the only solution. We need new behaviors and new skills as well.  We want to help be part of the whole solution.

That’s why we have an offering called The Daily Nudge by Bella Scena.  If you need a little encouragement to help you make sure you are planning each day, we are here to help.  Each weekday morning we’ll send an email. We will share tips and encouragement for you to take those 10 minutes and plan. Positive, uplifting, and even a little spunky sometimes- we will help you start your day off right and with a smile. We know calm, organized, thoughtful, magical you is in there.  Let us help you bring it out. 

Interested?  Sign up here. And for those you know that would also benefit- please share this. Let’s plan our days with intention.

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