Meeting, meetings, and more meetings. Have you ever considered the total cost of those meetings? Many of us used to spend our days in a flurry of meetings, running from one to the next.  Some days we were lucky to get a bathroom break.  Lunch- on the run usually. But now that world has shifted to online. As we locked down, we went headfirst into “digital transformation”. We hop from one provider to the next as we attempt to navigate this time. Zoom, Hangouts, MS Teams, Webex, Skype, and on and on.


Along the way, we’ve also started to notice something. Hours and hours of those video calls are leaving us exhausted, for a variety of reasons. We’ve also exposed something else- a lot of our meetings simply are not very efficient. We weren’t all that efficient before, and now the forced changed to digital has caused us to lose ground.


One unproductive meeting- what does that cost you?  We decided to build a little cost calculator to help you gauge that. Most of us don’t really stop to consider what that meeting cost us.  In our calculator, we built in the average employee salary plus any contractors as well.


We couldn’t figure out how to measure the additional cost of the time you are frustrated by those unproductive meetings. So we kept it simple.  Just three people in a hour meeting that was poorly organized and didn’t accomplish it’s objectives………

Unproductive meeting image cost

We then asked what happens if you had one of these a day?  What would that cost each
week?  We stopped at the one week mark, because we didn’t want to make anyone cry. We do try to focus on the positive after all!  If you want to try it out for yourself, you can find it here.


We launched this calculator last week- and the first results have been surprising.  Usually the feedback goes something like “Wait a second, all it takes is for one unproductive meeting to go to productive? And I justified my price for a year? Huh.”  BIG PAUSE……….


We know it’s a little different for you to think of meetings as a process.  It puts a little more structure in place to help increase the odds of success. It takes a moment to slow down and breathe, and put more intention into your meetings.  To give you more space to try it (and so you won’t be hard on yourself if it takes a hot minute to get started), we are just starting to do some longer free trials with customers. If you are interested in learning more about this, having us give you a demo of Bella or giving it a try to see if it would help you- please reach out to me. We’ll help you reign in that total cost of meetings so that more move from unproductive to productive. Hang in there- we’re pulling for ya!

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