What really happened last week?

What really happened last week?

If I were to ask you what you did last week, what would you say? Do you have so much going on that you don’t always even know what day of the week it is? As your new week begins, do you ever find yourself asking “What really happened last week?”

Building a business is often an all consuming undertaking. Growing existing businesses is the same. It can be easy to lose sight of how you are progressing over time.

We first considered this in Bella when we allowed you to integrate your to do list to your calendar. I used it for my day to day planning as well. Over time I found myself doing something on the particularly hard days. I would find myself flipping back through previous weeks on my calendar. It was a visual reminder of what I had been working on. I found it comforting as each week looked a little different on my journey.  Here is an example of what my week might look like:


Seeing the visual design certainly helped, but we knew we could do more. Along the journey I’ve talked with many others that experience the same ups and downs. An idea emerged from all the conversations. How do you encourage people to keep going and celebrate all they are accomplishing along the way? We all go through times where there isn’t anyone there to cheer you along. So we built something in Bella to help cheer you on. 

Introducing the Weekly Rewind

We designed a new feature we call the weekly rewind. Each Sunday we send you an email. We share with you what you did in Bella the previous week. We want to help you celebrate all you have accomplished, and get geared up for the coming week.  Here’s an example:

Weekly Rewind

Go From Deliberate to Done

Ready to get proactive so you can focus on the work that grows your business?

Sending the weekly rewind is our way of encouraging you along the way.  We love sharing new features we are building and creating with our customers. We’ll keep updating and enhancing your experience over time.  We’re here, and we are listening. We’d love to have you join the Bella community. 

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