What's your one thing?

What's your one thing?

Our day to day lives get incredibly busy.  We go from one activity to the next.  Before we know it, the day is over and and we aren’t sure what happened.  Moreover, day after day of the relentless responsive grind takes it’s toll mentally and physically. Do you ever ask yourself “What’s your one thing?”

Asking this simple question allows us to counter the volume of things coming at us each day.  It creates a buffer against the relentless charge of things to do.  At the beginning of each day, try taking a minute to think of one thing you need to get done today. Have you thought of it?

Ok, now go write it down on your calendar and include a time you will do it today! Allocating time by putting it on the calendar will help keep it front of mind. Asking yourself “What’s your one thing?” each day is an easy way to start the day off right and have a successful day. 

Go From Deliberate to Done

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