Why is Bella so Awesome?

Learn About How Bella Scena Works

Transform your meetings from Good to Great

Do you plan and run great meetings?  Do you wish your meetings were more productive?  Using our meetings as a process technology helps take your meetings from good to great. Bella helps you visualize and plan for more successful meetings through a simple four step process.

Our fair pricing policy means only the moderator of the meeting needs a subscription.  Invite as many participants as you want to your meeting- they participate free!

Organize, triage, and prioritize what matters most

Our visually distinctive design takes your productivity to whole new levels.  Organize and plan your work to gain one complete picture of your time.

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Handy To Do Organization


Get to-do’s off your mind and on to your list so you can focus more on the work that will grow your business.  Easily visualize how much time to-do’s will take by assigning an estimated duration. 

Use a rank ordered to do list to organize and rank the work that is most important to you. Take your work to the next level by scheduling right on your calendar.


Easy Calendar Planning and Integration

Prioritize your most important to-do’s by scheduling on the calendar.

Magically integrate your planned to-do’s and meetings with your existing Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar. 

Our distinctive display shows you which other system contains the original information. 

Handle those unexpected meetings Like a Pro

We’ve got all your meetings covered- those you planned and those that crop up unexpectedly.   

Capture those ad-hoc meetings too. Collaborate with others to share notes, or take your own notes. Highlight and automatically create follow-ups to be added automatically to their respective to do lists. Never miss your notes or your follow-ups again.


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Lightning Fast Signup

Sign up with Google, Office 365 or with email.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up for you or your team.

Be up and running in 2 minutes.

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