Burger Patch: Where Vegan Burger Rule and Space Doubles for More Fun

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Big news from Midtown Sacramento’s favorite vegan burger paradise – Burger Patch is leveling up! This cool joint, famous for serving up plant-based burger magic, is stretching its space to make room for even more burger-loving fans. Get ready for bigger bites and bigger buzz!

Expanding the Party: More Room for Vegan Burger Bliss!

Say bye-bye to tight spaces and hello to extra elbow room! Burger Patch is smashing a wall to create space for over 20 more seats inside. Imagine enjoying your delicious vegan burger in a roomy spot, sipping on creamy milkshakes, and hanging out with pals in a groovy atmosphere.

Tasty Upgrades for a Next-Level Experience

There’s more, though! It’s not just more room; Burger Patch is also adding cool new things to make your burger-eating experience even better:

With self-checkout booths, you can now eat like a pro! You can order like a boss with these fancy self-checkout tools. You can skip the line and get your Vegan Burger on point.

No more waiting at the pickup counter! Pickups now have their own brand-new bar, so your custom-made burger will be hot and ready for you as soon as you walk in. There’s no burger FOMO here!

Faster service: With all this extra room, service is lightning fast. You can eat those delicious veggie patties faster because you won’t have to wait as long.

Same Epic Flavors, Always Vegan

While they’re making more space, one thing isn’t changing – Burger Patch’s commitment to tasty Vegan Burger goodness. Their 100% plant-based burgers are still stealing the spotlight. From the classic “Cheeseburger” with its gooey cashew cheese to the bold “BBQ Jackfruit,” each bite is a flavor blast.

More Than Burgers: A Hangout Spot

Burger Patch isn’t just about burgers; it’s a spot where everyone gathers for great food and good vibes. It’s a reminder that yummy food doesn’t mean leaving kindness behind.

The Big Reveal and Beyond

Vegan Burger fans, mark your calendars! The bigger, better Burger Patch is opening in early 2024. Grab your pals, bring your appetites, and join the party celebrating all things vegan and yummy. It’s the same awesome flavor, but with double the space – Burger Patch is taking Sacramento’s vegan scene to new heights!

Remember, they’re open every day, serving up lunch and dinner from Sunday to Thursday, and late-night snacks on Fridays and Saturdays. So, hop on over, grab a bite (or two!), and taste the plant-based magic at Burger Patch!

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