Colonel Saab Tour of the Kitchen in Trafalgar Square

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London’s famous Trafalgar Square now has a new culinary gem: Colonel Saab, an interesting take on an Indian restaurant. This restaurant, which opened by Roop Partap Choudhary, is more than just food. It’s a celebration of family, love, and India.

Indian Food: The New Colonel Saab

Colonel Saab Tour of the Kitchen in Trafalgar Square

The doors to the new Colonel Saab restaurant just opened, around the same time as the original location’s second anniversary. Think of a place where each dish is a work of art and each corner has a story to tell. That’s what Colonel Saab says he will bring to people who are eating in Trafalgar Square.

A Concert of Tastes and Art

Colonel Saab isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an event that has carefully planned. The menu is a love letter to India because it is made up of recipes that the Choudhary family picked up on their trips across the continent. The dining room is a luxurious dream, with fancy lights from Firozabad making it feel warm and welcoming.

The Colonel Saab Experience: More Than Just Eating

There’s more than just an eating room inside Colonel Saab. There is a stylish bar, a cozy lounge area, and even a mezzanine for people who want a little more private. Executive cook Sohan Bhandari works like a magician to make sure that every dish is a work of art.

A Legacy from the Choudhary Family from India with Love

Colonel Saab’s founder, Roop Partap Choudhary, made this food paradise as an ode to his family and India. The first location in Holborn has already won awards like “Newcomer of the Year” and “Best Restaurant.”

A journey through food inspired by family trips

Colonel Saab is more than just a food book; it’s an Indian travelogue. Choudhary and his parents tried a lot of different kinds of Indian food. There modern takes on classic dishes on the London menu, and many regional specialties served for the first time.

Everything You Could Want: A Menu for Every Taste

The all-day menu at the restaurant is a fun way to try new foods. Every taste is catered for with dishes like Sunday Lamb Curry, signature dishes like Falahari Curry Kofta, and high tea with a mix of British and Indian flavors. Don’t forget to save room for the sweet treats!

Crafted with Love: An Experience for All Senses

Colonel Saab is made with love in every way. From the drinks to the scenery, it’s an all-around Indian experience. The Masala Dabba, a spice box filled with small-batch gins, whiskies, and rums, shows how much care put into every detail.

Telling the Story of Colonel Saab: A Legacy of Hospitality

Colonel Saab is more than just a diner. It’s a whole history. Roop Partap Choudhary carries on the practice after inspired by his parents’ journey of hospitality. From working in hotel kitchens to now being in charge of the restaurant, the heritage goes back over thirty years.

In the middle of Trafalgar Square, the restaurant welcomes you to enjoy not only tasty food but also the spirit of India and the love of family. Join the journey through food!

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